Royal Wedding & Believing in Yourself

by Natalie on November 11th, 2011

Hey everyone! It's been a few weeks since my last post but in between work and getting sick, I've had an amazing opportunity to photograph along side my awesome friend Andrew Ho at his latest wedding (THANKS BUDDY!). I met Andrew from college and have always admired his photography talents even before I met him. Check out his work on his Facebook page. Andrew, if you're reading this, please please PLEASE get some rest after this weekend and take good care of yourself since I know you're working 42hrs straight back to back with clubs and weddings this weekend!

Royal Wedding in the UK, move aside, because there was indeed a Royal Wedding right here in the Bay with Linda P. & Vin M, both affiliated with the Miss National Asia Pageant. It was special day filled with family, friends, and double happiness. It brings me joy to see a couple so in love with each other and being able to share their special moment with their community. I admit, sometimes I get teary at weddings but as a photographer there’s no time for that. So when I do post-edits at home, I get teary-eyed and have the awwww feeling. Then, it makes me daydream about my own wedding in the distant future but that’s another story for another day. A glimpse of Linda & Vin's wedding photos below and album here.

Speaking of dreams, I had a really interesting dream a few days after my birthday. I was part of a wolf pack that somehow morphed into humans that resembled the Water Tribe from A:TLAB (I've never watched the Twilight series btw) and the sifu (師父) of the pack was training me on something that I don't remember but the message from him was along the lines of "Believe in yourself and believe in what you do because if you don't believe in yourself then how can other people believe in you." So true! I gotta admit that looking back to a my early college years, I lacked the confidence to pursue my dreams and I also lacked the support--but without believing in myself, how could other's believe me? It's way different now, I realized that every day, I am learning new things and getting better and better at what I do. Once you believe in yourself, you will realize that your community has been supporting you all along but you may not have realized it because you didn't even believe in yourself to begin with. So to my readers who are reading this, don't give up on your passions, believe in yourself and as long as you are doing something, you are succeeding and getting a step closer to achieving your dreams. LIke what Yoda says: "Do or do not… there is no try."

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