What a week! Suki Photos Update!

by Natalie on April 1st, 2012

What a week! March was not exactly the best month for me and especially this past week--I'm glad it's finally over--new month, new week, hopefully better health. Because I've been trying to take care of my self, I've been seeing life in a whole different perspective. I'm very, very, grateful of the friends and family in my life--especially grateful to have Alan in my life--this man, seriously, I'm gonna marry him one day ^_^. Through sickness and health, Alan's totally on it.

Aside from my personal struggles this week, I've been hearing and reading a lot of negative news. I find it discouraging that only negative news gets the most attention--I guess newspapers and networks thrive on it because it sells. Wouldn't be even more awesome if everyday the most attention grabbing headline wasn't a crime but was something positive and uplifting? I think that would make our society so much better. The positive headlines do come up once in a blue moon but too often they end up buried under the next scandal, crime, or negative headline.

Back to phtoography talk. Much earlier in this past week--before I ended up sick--I had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about studio set up & lighting with Andrew Ho and we shot a maternity shoot with our friends. First maternity shoot ever! I'll upload maybe 1 to 2 photos next week pending permission from the lucky couple. 

As promised, this weekend is dedicated to Suki and Sherman's photoshoot--mostly Suki. Photos below, check them out and enjoy! (Also posted them on Facebook). 

This coming week, I can't wait to get back to work and back to my normal life! I'll keep you posted next weekend!

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